Asun Domínguez – Escuela de Moda

Gregorio Ordóñez Kalea, 6. 20011 San Sebastián - Donostia

Tel: +34 659 204 360


Asun Domínguez - Escuela de Moda es un centro de formación en patronaje y costura con técnicas profesionales. La academia ofrece cursos presenciales y online con clases grabadas y tutorías en directo, con niveles de iniciación y para profesionales. Se trata de formación no reglada, complementaria a estudios de formación profesional y universitarios.


Academia Asun Domínguez is a fashion training center specialized in industrial patternmaking in special morphologies.

Expert professionals in the world of pattern making and tailoring teach the subjects of Industrial Dressmaking and Industrial and Custom Pattern Making for Ladies and Gentlemen. After 30 years of work and 10 years of training, the school offers a tried and tested system, face-to-face and online with recorded classes and live tutorials, with levels for beginners and professionals.

Currently with students from all over the world, the training can be 100% online, but it also continues to offer classroom training.


Cursos presenciales:
Cursos de costura
Cursos de patronaje
Iniciación a la costura

Cursos online:
Curso de Patronaje
Curso de Costura Industrial
Aprende a Coser Desde Cero
Curso de Remalladora y Recubridora


On-site courses:
Sewing courses
Pattern making

Online courses:
Tailor-made pattern making
Sewing with industrial dressmaking techniques