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Three questions to Sophie Cirstini Quintana, Mod’Spe Principal

The Principal of Mod’Spe, the fashion school of French Federation of Feminine prêt-à-porter, explians her strategy to train its students 

22.07.2019.- Mod’Spe – a human-sized fashion school located in the center of Paris – was created in 1993 by the French Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Federation. Currently, it already has about a thousand graduates who are working in fashion companies.

A characteristic of the school is its willingness to promote the international mobility of its students, through agreements with different Universities, including the United States.

Sophie Cristini Quintana defends a professional formation that includes its commercial policy, its marketing and its communication. It offers diplomas recognized by the Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle: five baccalaureates to achieve an operational capacity, and four Masters to have a strategic and international vision.

This interview has been published by the Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter newsletter. We feel it is interesting for our readers.

Sophie Cristini Quinta,a Principal of Mod’Spe

Trade, marketing and communication within fashion companies

Have many experts in commerce, marketing and communication entered into fashion sector in recent years?

Definitely. The market is experiencing important changes. The companies look for polyvalent collaborators. I have done, there is a double demand. On the one hand, they look for highly qualified people who know the entire production and distribution chain. On the other hand, they are looking for experts in data processing, an issue that is present throughout the sector.

Program adaptation to changes in the industry

How do you adapt the Mode’Spe programs to these changes?

To enrich our programs, we are in permanent contact with companies in the sector to anticipate their needs. Therefore, all the didactic blocks include digital, artificial intelligence, Fashion Tech, which complete their fundamental aspects: distribution networks, supply chain, procurement, etc.

Our students also have at their disposal courses in styling, modeling, infographics, etc. to develop their creative sensibility and to know the profiles and demands of their future interlocutors. A student who leaves a trade school will have excellent training, but will not know the specific aspects of the fashion industry, as our students know them. They are very popular with companies that want them to put their knowledge into practice.

The school / company alternation is also a very important asset for companies, which consider the internship periods of our students very important. It allows investing 12 or 24 months in a student, transmitting a corporate culture and turning it into an effective and motivated professional.

Sustainability and responsibility at Mod’Spe

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are also an important part of its teachings?

Corporate social responsibility is nowadays an essential aspect of work in a fashion company, as well as digital, artificial intelligence and Fashion Tech. It is required by legislation and the demand of final consumers, who want clothes manufactured in a fashion ethical and sustainable. We have always included this aspect in our teachings, but this year we are insisting even more on him. We count on the collaboration of two expert teachers. Many of our students choose topics related to corporate social responsibility for their final thesis, often at the request of companies that are looking for new solutions in this field.

+ Info: www.modspeparis.com